Silver Fox

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Description of the online Silver Fox game

Every corner of the earth is unique and unrepeatable, but when you study different cities, countries, and regions, you forget that there are amazing places, not just where the person made friends. Slot Machine Silver Fox, created by Novomatic, offers beyond the Arctic Circle to move on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. It is where there are no humans, cities and vehicles, living animals and amazing beauty of birds that can not be found in any warm areas. The area of ​​the slot-gaming “Polar Fox” line is made entirely of snow, and they are flirting with different white figures – rabbits, hedgehogs and polar foxes.

In order to benefit the local population, as well as some benefit itself, users must help Fox and her large family. Building shelter, finding food, and dry branches – these are all things that are needed by good local predators, and the fox, in turn, is ready to help find deposits of precious metals that are only recently discovered. Not every guest of the Arctic Circle can realize this simple task, because the extreme cold and prolonged snowstorms, however, only a few virtual travelers can resist, even if the price of the resistance is very high.

Slot and the basic settings management

Hunting for payments is a breeze. The slot is provided with a user-friendly control panel that has all the necessary buttons. Click Line1 buttons – LINE9, you can select the required number of active lines. The Bet button will adjust the size of the bet. By the way, on the line, you can spend from 1 to 100 coins. This is very pleasant and it pleases like the novice fan and admiring the high stakes.

Are you fascinated and attracted? Do not miss this picturesque online slot. We’ll keep our fingers crossed! Have fun playing!

For this you need to memorize simple rules of the game. Also there is such a possibility that you can get real money if you become successful professional in this game! Everything depends on you!